Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Home Depot vs. Lowe's

Since Russ and I are on vacation this week, we thought we'd take some time to try to accomplish some house related projects. We don't close until June and we don't move until mid-July but it seemed a good idea to get the ball rolling....We decided to tackle the biggest project first--redoing our kitchen. And it's a good thing we did! Little did we know this would be far more time consuming than we had originally thought. Who knew you couldn't just walk into a store and ask them for a quote on a new kitchen?!?

So we visited two stores so far--Home Depot and Lowe's. We went to Lowe's on the recommendation of my sister and brother in law (one of the perks of being a middle child is that someone has gone through it all before and you can learn from them). However, the kitchen designer they worked with no longer works there and the kitchen designer we chatted with seemed more interested in selling us stock and trotting out her resume than actually helping two very confused new homeowners. So off we went to Home Depot....the first time around we met with a nice gentleman who basically told us that all we had to do was give them some money and they'd send someone out to do the measurements......hmm.....Well, we had already made the call to try and get into the house to take our own measurements so we decided to call on Greg, my amazingly handy brother in law (who we will be calling on a lot in the coming months I suspect) to help us out. Which he did, happily I think. (Did I mention that he basically redid his whole entire house himself? OK, not quite all by himself, but close enough). Anyway, measurements taken we trotted ourselves back to Home Depot hoping that we had the right numbers. Success! The kind man at Home Depot was actually impressed with our numbers (after we explained what they were). Woo hoo! Let's start designing a kitchen!

Nope....now they need to plug the numbers into a snazzy computer program that will design it for us, then meet with us to talk about all the different possibilities, then comes choosing cabinets and styles and colors and counters and the kind of edge on the counter and.....long story short (I know, I know, too late!) the process has only just begun. And vacation is ending soon. But honestly--what's more fun than thinking about all of these possibilites for your house?!?!


Kelli said...

Can I tell you again how happpy I am that you have this blog? I'm SO looking forward to staying updated on all that's happening in your world -- rather than trying to get updated every few months when I see you!
I cannot wait to see your new house too. I'm sure all the re-doing, re-building, re-decorating work will be stressful at times but so fun too. I'm officially volunteering to help you this summer (a perfect excuse for me to escape the city when it's too hot!)

Kelli said...

oops. I mispelled happy..I was just too excited I guess.
I totally look like a stalker since I've left you like 500 comments already.

Tina said...

Didn't I tell you it would take a lot of time to design a kitchen? That's too bad about our guy at Lowes but it sounds like you got someone good at Home Depot. Haha, and so it begins...

Oh, and Greg has to finish my house before he can help with yours!

KTP said...

Hey, look, a comment from someone not in your family! Well, I count Kelli as part of your family. I hope that's not too forward.

Anyway, welcome to the blog world. Your first post is titled exactly the way MY first post was. And here I am a year and a half later, still blogging. It's an addiction.

The Muse said...

Hi there :) Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm looking forward to reading yours as it evolves.

As far as the online love thing, well I'll keep my eyes open, I"m just not holding the door open anymore... Perhaps the "one" has to open it for me instead ;)

Thanks again for your kind words.. I look forward to chatting/reading/sharing with you :)

Have a wonderful day!