Sunday, April 30, 2006

Showers of Happiness

Yesterday was a very special day-my sister in law's shower. Being one of three who helped organize it I was actually pretty nervous going into the start of the day. I wanted to be sure that my newest sister, Beth, had a wonderfully happy day, and everything she had hoped for during her shower. I also wanted to be sure that I was properly fulfilling my role as one of her maids of honor (Technically I'm a matron of honor, but that sounds so.....oldish to me. So I call myself a maid of honor!) I'll let the pictures be the judge, but I'd say the day was a pretty fantastic one!


Kelli said...

I thought you helped host a very nice shower. And I love Beth's "hat" - it's perfect!

Beth said...

I LOVE MY SISTER IN LAW/ "not so matronly" woman of HONOR. The shower was everything I dreamed of and more...for example, I never imagined a hat like that! Love you and I am getting such a kick out of your blog.