Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winter fun

I know, I know....I haven't blogged in awhile. I could tell you all about why I haven't blogged, or I could just share some recent pictures of my adorable child who is growing way too fast.....
She got a fire truck/ball pit for Christmas which we finally decided to inflate for her. It has become her new favorite toy: She likes it so much she just hangs out in it--to read books or enjoy her snack.....
(As an aside, it came with a measly 20 balls, since I took these pictures Aliza and I bought more, so it is truly a ball pit now.)
We had a fairly large snow storm, that left us hunkered down inside.....until we decided it was time to play outside of course. Aliza had fun discovering her house all covered with snow:
We made a mini-snowman, which Aliza decided she didn't like- it "jumped" off the edge:
We also discovered some old cookie cutters I had laying around, which are great fun with play dough:

And since she doesn't have nearly enough toys, she got a brand new one: a farm. Largely because I remembered having (and loving) the same one when I was a kid. Turns out the updated version is even more fun:

Finally, Aliza learned the joy of eating whipped cream right from the container. We only did it once, and after that I hid the canister in the back of the fridge, but she sure did love it:


MomS said...

Aliza Pants you are TOO much FUN!!!
Love the pictures!
Mem and Pop xoxoxo

vek said...

Such great pictures. I am torn between the book in the ball pit or the unfortunate early demise of the snowman being my favorite.

Kelli said...

Love that last one of her enjoying that whipped cream!