Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here's Aliza, making her Mommy and Daddy laugh as she discovers her foot:


Kelli said...

Way too cute! I love how pleased she looks when she makes you both laugh.

Auntie Tina said...

That was too cute, it made me laugh. She's a high kicker, she is! And then she yelled at you when you didn't respond appropriately... that's the italian side!

GramS said...

Aliza Pants, What a smartie!!
Sooooo cute!
We're still laughing.
GramS and GrampS

Beth said...

The only cure for a rainy June.... FOOT!! I LOVE this video and I have to watch it everyday. I miss my little Aliza :(
See you at the beach soon I hope,
Auntie Beth