Saturday, June 13, 2009

First swim lesson!

Aliza had her first swim lesson Saturday. I spent the whole week telling her all about it, eagerly anticipating getting her dressed in one of her many adorable bathing suits, watching her splash in the pool....of course, the way I pictured it wasn't exactly how it turned out. Well, parts of it were. Here she is, all dressed and ready to go and just as cute as I thought she'd be in her little bathing suit:

Can you tell that she already looks a bit unhappy? Yup. She woke up Saturday morning a bit stuffy and clingy and wasn't too happy to be put into her bathing suit. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that she has about four teeth pushing through right now. We got in the water together, Aliza and mommy, and she started screaming immediately. She also started chewing on my shoulder, and I have bite marks from her little teeth gnawing away.

I tried tempting her with some of the pool toys, but she was not to be distracted, and continued to cry....about fifteen minutes into it she finally started getting used to the water. And then she got splashed in the face.
Which of course, set her off again. Twenty minutes into a thirty minute swim lesson, Aliza finally decided to start pointing and playing a bit.

I'm hoping next week she is a little more used to the water, and able to enjoy it a bit more....


GramS said...

A fun glimps into the new world of "water and Aliza"!
Thanks for filming it Dad.
Can't wait to hear all about next weeks swimming lesson.
GramS xoxxox

Nonna said...

Through it all she looked adorable.
You both stuck it out to the end.
"Good Job"
I'm sure it will be better next week.
Lisa you look great.

Kelli said...

Super cute. I love her little pink swimsuit. And to echo your Mom's sentiments, you do look fantastic.