Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hand, foot and mouth....

My poor little love has her first big illness; hand, foot and mouth disease. It started with a loss of appetite (for her), and a little bit more fussiness than usual. I attributed both to teething, especially since she was drooling a ton and putting everything in her mouth. When the symptoms continued I decided to call the doctor, just to be sure, and was told that it could be teething or it could be an ear infection so just monitor her.
She developed a low grade fever and continued to be fussy. Then she started to get a rash and was actually wanting to crawl into her crib to sleep. That's when her Gram S. took her to the doctor to discover that she was well and truly sick.
I'm home with her today and she is most definitely not herself.

Being home with her, my sick baby girl, makes me think of what my mom would do for us when we were sick. We got to stay in their bedroom (because it had a T.V. and a REALLY cozy, large, papasan chair) or on the couch downstairs if we wanted. And we got to watch T.V. or movies. All Day. My mom would give us a little bell to ring if we needed her so we wouldn't have to shout, although I don't think we ever used the bell because she kept our glass filled with juice or ginger ale and she checked on us constantly. Not that I liked being sick, but it sure did feel just a little bit special.

Now, I can't do all of these things for Aliza since she is only 11 months old, but she has stayed in her jammies all day. And I have made some yummy foods to try to entice her to eat (her Nonna even came over and made her yummy meatballs and soup). We did spend some time on the couch together too....and I've spent the whole day worrying about her. I want to make her feel better and I know that, other than giving her Tylenol and as much liquid as I can and as many snuggly hugs as she wants, there isn't much I can do. I'm sure she's uncomfortable, maybe even sore, but this virus has to just run its course.
This feeling of helplessness seriously sucks. And I can't help but wonder, is this what it's like? Is this motherhood? Wanting to protect your little love from anything that can harm her, but knowing that you really can't protect her from the world? I'm being a little melodramatic, I know, but it is her first big illness and I am a new mom.

And I just want her to be happy again.


JaxMom said...

Oh, Lisa! You are doing exactly what you should - just make her feel safe and loved. Kids are resilient, and this is likely so much worse on your than her.

And yes, this is what parenting is. Worrying, trying to protect, and trying to comfort and heal.

She will bounce back in no time.

Kelli said...

My Mom used to give us a bell to ring when we were sick too. In fact, it's still sitting on my nightstand in my bedroom at her house as a standing joke Mom said every time I was sick, she'd come up to check on me and I'd be fine....and then the minute she was downstairs I'd ring the bell for her to come up again - over and over and over.

I'm sure Aliza loves each and every hug and snuggle she can get right now. She'll be on the mend before you know it - hang in there.

GramS said...

I hate to think of Aliza feeling sick. She just looked so sad. I'm happy that she had her mommy to hug all day and that her Nonna made her a special lunch today.
Kiss her for me too.
Love Gram S

Dianna said...

Poor Aliza and poor you! It is the hardest thing in the world to watch your kids not feel well and there be so little to do to help. But your hugs are the best medicine and will help her more than anything.

I remember my mom used to make us a sick bed on the couch...and wait on us all day and my Dad used to stare at us as we slept because he felt bad there was nothing he could do to help us!

Hang in there!

Keetha said...

Being sick was worth it to get to stay home and have a sick day.