Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And the winner is....

Throughout my pregnancy I have had numerous interesting, and, at times, insulting comments made....however, I feel taht this one wins the grand prize. The Gold Star. The Comments to End All Comments. Here's how the conversation went:

S (a colleague): When is your due date again?

Me: June 6th, your dog's birthday. (This may seem odd that I said this but keep in mind that every time the woman asks me my due date she then tells me that it is her dog's birthday and then launches into a story about her dog that usually lasts a good ten minutes. This time I figured I'd cut her off a bit....)

S: Oh, I can't believe you remember that, it must have been horribly insulting that I said that to you!

Me: No, no, not at all....

S: Well, my dog IS rather adorable, and if your baby is half as cute as my dog then you will be very lucky....

I am not making this up.
She *actually* told me that I will be lucky if my DAUGHTER is HALF as cute as her DOG.


nonna said...

Let's just shoot her.
Is her brain always on hold,or is she just stupid? You are way too nice.
I would have told her that it was insulting.& a stupid remark.
mom I

mom s said...

What an insensative oaf. She doesn't teach does she???Please say no.
You are too nice and that's a good thing!!!!! People say the darndest things.
We love you and you are beautiful!
and so is our princess.
Mom S xoxox

Kelli said...


That would be a case of someone who is a TAD too attached to her damn dog.

WOW (again.) I'm shaking my head in disbelief.