Saturday, September 15, 2007

Put in my a four year old

I babysat for my two nieces tonight. The oldest, at four, managed to put me in my place, and make me feel like I was a complete moron....Here's how it went:

Me: Juliette, come eat your dinner.

Juliette: Can I have cereal instead?

Me: (Reaching for a bowl) O.K., come sit down to eat it.

Juliette: No, Auntie Lisa, a bag.

Me: A bag? What do you mean?

Juliette: (sucking her thumb and looking confused) A bag.

Me: Juliette, I don't understand, how will you eat cereal in a bag? Will you show me?

Juliette: (Louder and slower than before, as if she is talking to someone really slow, or really hard of hearing, and carefully enunciating the words)
(I could practically hear the exasperation in her voice.)
I'll show you Auntie Lisa.
(She walks over to the ziploc bags, pulls one out, and mimes eating cereal from it.)
Like this.

Me: Oh! You don't want milk on your cereal then? OK....(I pour it in the bag and Juliette, finally satisfied, settles in to eat her cereal.)

I, suppressing laughter, call my husband to tell him how my four year old niece managed to make me feel like I was a complete idiot.

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Tina said...

This story is still funny. Mostly because I can totally picture it, and I am glad that it is not only me that she does this to!