Sunday, September 09, 2007


Nope, I'm not talking about the Home Shopping Guide (does that even exist?!? I know Home Shopping Network does....maybe I made up the G part. Whatever, it works.) I'm talking about my newest vocabulary word to add to my growing list.

The last time I wrote about this, my prolactin levels were high and I had to get retested. Which I did. And all was normal. Happy news. Is it bad that I felt a little let down? I had hoped that this would be the answer, and that all would be fixed with a few magic pills. But, apparently, as I've been told, it's better that they aren't high. (Funny how that information comes out AFTER you find out your levels are normal.)

Are you like me? Are you wondering why they were high in the first place? If one test says levels are high, and another says levels are normal--which do you trust? Shouldn't I get retested? One more shot to see if they really are normal, or if that was a fluke? I guess not, because the process continues...

Next, Russ went for his test. My neighbor tried to tell me that he had it much worse off than me. The embarassment! The horror! Until I told her about what's coming next for me, and suddenly she changed her tune. Anyway. All is well (much to his relief) with him. He worried, as I do, that there was something wrong. That this difficulty would be his fault. Dare I tell him that with his relief, my worry, my nervousness, increased? If it isn't him, then it has to be me.

Now comes the fun part.


I haven't googled this one. I got enough information from the doctor to figure out that I don't really want more. Let's just say this: this test involves sticking tubes and dye where dye and tubes shouldn't be. "10 minutes in and out" my doctor claims. No big deal--just take motrin an hour before, antiobiotics for three days and, oh yeah, have dye dripping out of you for an hour. Not ten minutes. It's like Drano he claims. Cleans ya' right out. Now, I like cleaning, but this kind, it doesn't sound so fun. The doctor also claimed I could work it in around my schedule--as long as it's between Days 7-10 of my cycle of course. Any day within those days. Which happened to fall when I have Rosh Hashanah off. Perfect! I should have known better....I don't really get to arrange it around my schedule. It's really arranged around radiology's schedule. And my doctor. And any patients who are, you know, giving birth at the time. So, I might have to take a day off. In the second week of school.

Which I don't even care about. I'll take a month off and have all sorts of tubes shoved in all sorts of places if it means I'll get a baby at the end of it.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, After speaking with you tonightI just assumed that your new post would be about school???
I know this is all soooo scary. I had the HSG also, not fun... but not too bad. I guess that doesn't help much.
If you need a hand to hold... I have two!
Love you lots, Mom S

Kelli said...

Thinking of you Li and sending lots of support your way.

I know it's a scary, uncertain time, but I do have to say your line about draino/cleaning you right out/dye dripping made me chuckle -- that's my girl....craziness going on and she can still write about it with a twinge of humor.

Love you lots girl.
And I hope Russ buys you several pints of ice cream (or better yet - makes you some!) to enjoy the night after your test.

Beth said...

Love you Lisa! I know this all isn't fun but I'm so proud of you for writing about it and for going through it all in stride. I'll be thinking about you and sending warm fuzzies your way.

Kelli said...

You are so sweet to check into the Sapporo mystery for me. Have you had both the beef & chicken? I'll take which-ever one you think is the better of the two.

And I'd like to take it directly from your hands when you come up to MA to visit and hang out w/ me and Beth for the weekend. (Is that asking too much?!)
Miss you.