Tuesday, May 15, 2007


You know the Leave it to Beaver type shows? The ones where every family is perfect, they eat dinner together every night and they live in a neighborhood where everyone says good morning on their way out the door?
That is our neighborhood.
Let me tell you a few snippets to illustrate just how fantastic our neighborhood is:

First of all, when we moved in, we were instantly greeted by our next door neighbor. He (and his wife) checked in regularly on our progress and offered tools and supplies regularly. Our neighbors down the street baked a tasty treat and delivered it to our door. Yup. Homemade baked goods to welcome us to the neighborhood.

A month or so after moving in, another neighbor brought us a gorgeous flower from her backyard welcoming us to the area.

When the first winter snow hit, some boys knocked on our door and offered to shovel our driveway for us.

Now that it is spring, the neighborhood has come alive again. Everyone is taking walks with their dogs or their children (or both). Many are gardening, planting, weeding etc on a regular basis. And many more are stopping their work for a friendly chat, or strolling over to a neighbors house to visit. I myself have walked across the street to deliver some cookies to two of our neighbors.

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we are to live where we do. Not only do we get a lake view but we also get amazingly friendly neighbors who have quickly become good friends that we enjoy hanging out with. Other times, I'm confused by the Leave-it-to-Beaver-ness of our area. I can't help but wonder, do these quaint little pockets of true neighborhoods still exist? It all feels almost surreal to us....
Apparently they do. And I am the lucky lady who gets to live in one!


Kelli said...

I felt lucky to stay in your quaint little neighborhood for a portion of my homeless period last fall. You two have one of the cutest, most welcoming homes I've ever been in & I'm glad you found it and bought it!

Tina said...

Hmm, we thought we had that kind of neighnorhood when we first moved in, too.

Anonymous said...

We had that kind of neighborhood too. Still some of our closest friends today! It's such a gift. I love coming to see you and saying hello to your new neighbors.
Mom S


Although I don't know you, you were so kind in the comment that you left on my blog that I thought I'd share here again. I grew up in a neighborhood like that, and it was so nice. My fiance and I bought a house 9 months ago in Denver and we've received cookies from only one neighbor. Better than nothing, right? We'll keep trying! Glad to hear you had such great luck with your area. Congrats!