Saturday, May 26, 2007

LAST weekend in review

I don't really understand how people manage to post every day. I know I'm busy and I have a problem saying no and am involved in too many things but how in the world to people find time to post every day??? I have this problem where sometimes I have weeks where I have TONS of good ideas to post but am too busy to get to it....then I have other weeks where I have no good ideas and I'm suffering from the people-aren't-interested-in-what-I-have-to-say syndrome and I don't post for AGES. Either way, I have zero time for posting every day. How do you do it!?!

That rant wasn't actually the point of this post....this post was going to be about last weekend. Of course, now it is Saturday of a new weekend so I'm a little tardy....see above paragraph!
Last weekend my family headed to Boston to stay at a very quaint inn. Russ and I drove up Friday night and of course, since we are both horrible with directions, managed to get lost. In the rain. And the dark. Several phone calls later, we arrived, after missing dinner at my brother's place. (Only later did I find out that the GPS that we own was in fact in the car, and not at home as we thought, and was also charged.) So we ventured forth to find a restaurant...on foot. I forgot how easy it is in the city-to just walk out your door, hang a left, and within a block, have at least five different choices of places to eat.
Saturday dawned rainy and gray so we decided to take the girls to the Children's Museum. It was full of running, screaming children, being trailed by their parents who were clearly trying to keep their toddlers busy on a rainy weekend. The noise aside, it was so fun to watch my two favorite nieces discover and explore the museum. They bounced from one activity to another and their curiousity seemed endless, as did their energy!
We separated around lunch time, with Russ, Dad, Greg and I heading to Fenway to catch a Red Sox game. I've been dying to go to a baseball game for awhile and had never been to Fenway before so I was thrilled, despite the drizzle, to go. I even got to eat a Fenway frank, sing Take me out the Ballpark and experience the Red Sox winning a game!
Next we all met up for some yummy Vietnamese food. The girls behaved amazingly well, but when they started crawling under the table to curl up and sleep, we knew it was time to go. Sunday morning dawned and we all headed to my brother's place for brunch, before heading back to CT.

It was so great to be in the city for a weekend. It was a nice reminder of how fun the city can be.....there is always something to do, somewhere to go....and it is easy to get anywhere, quickly! It was also a nice reminder of how much I love living in suburbia. We came home to sunshine, green grass, birds singing and the sun reflecting off our lake. I may have to get in my car to go for every errand, but I do so love my little house. It was also fun to be with my whole family. Those moments where we are all together, in one place, seem to happen less and less frequently. When they do I am reminded of just how lucky I am.


KTP said...

1. I would love to live in your neighborhood. It sounds perfect.

2. What a beautiful post about Nonnie. I'm so sorry.

3. I finally put you in my blogroll...sorry that took so long. Look for your link - you made your own name on my site kiddo.

NancyPearlWannabe said...

You were in Boston! I was actually down by Fenway that day, at the Barnes and Noble in Kenmore. Strange! I'm glad you had fun though- there's nothing quite like Fenway Park, eh?

Kelli said...

Wow, this post left me feeling sad.

But I'm glad you all had fun together and you got yourself to a Sox game.