Saturday, November 11, 2006


Recently, at a school sponsored parent-teacher gathering, we ran into people we haven't seen in awhile---spouses. Actually, the last time we socialized with many of these spouses was at a wedding this past summer when we were in the throes of fixing up our house and every day was a new adventure. So it was basically all we talked about. And there was a lot to say. This summer it seemed like something new was happening every day. I remember when Russ and I would spend the evening checking off all the things we had accomplished that day.
Then work got in the way. Russ got a new job, school started, open house happened, then conferences....not to mention contract he's in the middle of report cards while I'm gearing up for them. Housework has stalled. (Stalled sounds so much more hopeful than stopped, don't you think? Stopped is Stalled means it will restart again. At some point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.) Anyways, you can guess what happened at the party Friday night. Everyone asked about the house. Here's how the conversations went: (yes, plural. This one conversation was repeated at least four times, with some variations.)

Friend: So, how's the housework going?
Russ or I: Well.......(long pause) it's going. (Instantly jump into a bit of a defensive mode) You know, we got so much done this summer, basically redid the whole kitchen, and now, with school and everything..... (voice trails off) Well, we haven't gotten much done lately.
Friend: (Aiding us in justifying the fact that there is an ever increasing list of work to do) It's so hard with school.
Russ or I: Exactly. He got the new job, and had to finish off the old, it was hard. And she's been so busy with the contract. And lately it's just been all about the leaves! (Launch into a side track about raking that lasts a minute.) We'll get to the work. We're thinking Thanksgiving will be a good time to get some work done.
Friend: That's a great idea. Then you'll have some days off.

You get the gist I'm sure.

We left the party feeling exhausted (of course, it was a Friday night after all) but also strangely motivated. No, we didn't rush home and pick up our screw driver and paint brush and get to work. But we did start talking about a serious plan to get moving on some of the projects. If the leaves would just stop falling, it might actually happen!

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