Thursday, August 03, 2006


I got tagged for the first time! Thanks KTP!

Five items in my freezer:
1) Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby and Fossil Fuel (they were on sale!)
2) The metal bowl to our ice cream maker, just in case we decide to stop painting and unpacking and make ice cream.
3) Grappa (a gift).
4) Dumplings. (My Mom generously filled my freezer for me upon our move, and she knows how much my husband loves dumplings.)
5) Ice cube trays. (Not very exciting, I know.)

Five items in the closet: (The funny thing is, we don't really have closets. We have a closet in one bedroom upstairs, but it is currently empty. No other closets. The house was built in 1921....not sure how that explains things but that's the only explanation I can come up with. So, I'll do five items in my pantry. Remember, we just did major work on our house and we are still unpacking and working.)
1) Nails from 1921. (They were too cool to throw away.)
2) Plastic forks, cups, spoons, knives and plates.
3) Left over bag of chips from a lunch we ordered in ages ago.
4) Contractor garbage bags.
5) A tupperware container filled with sawdust, random screws and two boards. Really must throw that out now that those workers are gone....and maybe unpack the box labeled food and put it away in the pantry.

Five items in my car:
1) Pattern blocks (used them for summer school)
2) A bag of clothes that needs to be taken to Goodwill.
3) My Ipod.
4) An extra pair of sunglasses.
5) Mix CD's. (See Kelli, I have those too!)

Five items in my backpack:
1) Post it notes-with lines.
2) Markers, crayons and a glue stick. (Hey, I teach third grade, those items are a necessity!)
3) My plan book.
4) Advil. (Also a necessity for any teacher.)
5) At least one (usually more) professional book that I use for planning, or that I'm planning on reading.

Five people I tag:
Ummm....seeing as how all the people I would have tagged have done this already, I'm going to say no one right now.


Kelli said...

Aah, but you're one step ahead of me in electronic advancement -- I still carry mix TAPES in my car. I haven't made a mix tape in at least 5 they're all from my high school/college days.

Lisa said...

So I got to your blog from KTP's site - I finally leave a comment there exposing my own blog and what happens? The comment practically right after mine is from another Lisa! So I had to check it out. Turns out we're practically neighbors (I'm in Cheshire)! And the same age! Creepy. Anyway, my fiance and I bought our first house a year ago and we're STILL unpacking and redoing things, so I hope things go more smoothly for you! Good luck!