Wednesday, August 23, 2006


It's funny how when you first move somewhere--be it apartment, condo or house--you have to make adjustments. I don't just mean getting used to the creaks and groans any home makes, or getting used to the night sounds, or figuring out all of the light switches....I mean other things. The details that make up living in a home.
I've had to make a few adjustments, and am still trying to remember them!, since we've moved in. For example, when you close our back door, the knob is set just close enough to the door jamb that if you aren't careful you scrap your knuckles. It's only in the last few days that I haven't actually banged my hand and ended up muttering angrily at myself for not remembering to hold the handle differently. Also, at that same door, the lock is backwards. Whichever way you normally unlock a door, well, it's the opposite. That still confuses me!
Another adjustment has been shaving. Now, I love my clawfoot tub, but it isn't the most convenient for shaving my legs. First of all the curtain sticks to various parts of your body, secondly, there is nowhere to put your foot up to shave. So I'm left fighting the curtain and hopping a bit while I balance the tip of my big toe on the edge of the tub. Our cat has had to get used to the tub too. At our apartment she'd always jump up on the flat part and peek her furry little head around the curtain to check out what we were doing. (If cats can think than I could only imagine what she'd be wondering....) Now, she sits on the ground--right where you need to step when you get out of the shower--and meows plaintively at you until you reappear.

Of course, as I sat on my lawn this past weekend, doing some work and looking out at our lake (yes, I am very possessive) I couldn't help but think how incredibly lucky I am to be in this gorgeous house.


Mom S said...

I've been in this house for 25 years and I still walk into the closet instead of the garage. Adjustments...
love to read your postings.

Dianna said...

We can't wait to come visit this fall and sit by your lake too! :)

Love, Dianna :)