Saturday, November 27, 2010


Baby Sherman #2Due to arrive June 21st.....

We are all very excited--although, admittedly, I am more tired and nauseous at this point. Aliza is very sweet about the baby already- telling us things like "mommy has a baby in her belly, and when the baby comes out, I'm going to change its diaper and put medicine on it to make it feel better." She also loves to give my belly kisses.
I'm ten and a half weeks in and doing better than I was last week. It was a particularly rough patch with a bad case of hyperemesis (that's a fancy way of saying I was throwing up a lot). Now I'm on two different anti nausea medicines which leave me slightly nauseous but managing to keep food in.
More posts to follow of my ever expanding belly....and of course, in ten weeks or so, an announcement of the baby's gender!


JaxMom said...

Congratulations!!! This is so exciting. I am glad Aliza is so sweet about the baby, and hope your sickness ends as you progress. The photo looks like your little person is hanging out to say hello. The big eye sockets look just like how Jackson draws eyes on faces. I can't wait to watch the story unfold, if you have the energy to post!

Mem said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling a little bit better today. This is such an exciting time! Our family is growing again!!
Take care of yourself. xoxoxo

nancypearlwannabe said...

Hey, congrats! I also can't wait to meet the other new Baby Sherman that's on the north shore! :)

JaxMom said...

Hope all is going well.

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