Sunday, August 08, 2010

Toddler talk

Posts are piling up like leaves in autumn around here, but they all require me to download pictures, which I can't seem to get myself to instead, I will share some recent conversations I have had with a very clever two year old.....

Aliza: Hey! Guess what happened today?
Me: What happened today?
Aliza: The sun went down down down and the moon go up up up and it's night.
Me: You are right!


Aliza: Mommy, you are still number 1.
Me: What?
Aliza: You are number 1 mommy.
Me: Oh, OK.... (I had no idea I was #1, or even that my #1 status was in some jeopardy)


Aliza: Tunnel coming! (it sounded more like tnnne coming, so we were, understandably, confused)
Russ and I: Huh? What did you say? Toes?
Aliza: Tunnel coming!
Russ and I: (looking at each other with confusion, plus we were several miles away from the tunnel, it wasn't even in sight yet) What Aliza?
Aliza: (more insistent this time) TUNNEL COMING!
Russ and I: OH! The tunnel is coming! You are right! We go through the tunnel to get to Nonna's house!!!


Me: Aliza, you can't eat that right now, you are sick.
Aliza: I'm not sick! I'm 2!

Me: Aliza, how do you spell your name?
Aliza: A-L-I-Z-A! Aliza!
Me: Yay!!!

Is it any wonder I spend my days laughing at her?