Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To suit or not to suit?

I'm going on an interview on Thursday.

That's feeling a little surreal, so let me just say it again---
I'm going on an interview on Thursday.

There are these positions in my district which, essentially, are the equivalent to an Assistant Principal position. Only, because my district is clever, they give them a fancy title that ends in the word teacher so that these people get paid the same salaries as teachers and NOT the same salary as administrators. Even though the job is most definitely not the same as a teacher. Clever, no?

Anyways, for me, this job is a natural next step on my path towards eventual administration. More than that, this year has made me ready to leave the classroom.....or more ready to leave than I ever have been before.
It's been a rough year.

And that's the understatement of the century.

So. This job posting came up....I panicked, thought about it, talked to people, worried some more and then decided to go for it. After I decided that I learned that the position is all but taken. See, they have to post the job, and they have to interview everyone that applies, but the position was held by a teacher at the school for a year (whom I know, he's in the same program as me and we've shared classes together). Then the job went part time (because of number of students in the school) so this gentleman returned to the classroom. Now it is going full time again and he's reapplying. It was his job and he's getting it again. Word on the street is that they essentially have hired him already but are going through the motions.....

But, hey, I figured I'd apply anyways and get some practice interviewing.
The thing is, even though I know it is not for real, I am still so nervous. I drove home today, practicing my answers to the questions I'm sure I'll be asked. I went online and did some research on the school. I went and looked up their CMT scores so I could have some talking points and sound super smart during the interview.....And, most importantly, I already started debating my outfit--suit? No suit? Skirt? Pants? Open toed shoes or not? The thing is, the interview is in the morning and then I have a long day of teaching ahead of I wear a suit and then change? Clearly I'm worried about the important stuff!

So. Thursday I interview for the first time in over ten years.
Wish me luck.
But not too much luck, since, you know, I'm not getting the job anyways.


Tina said...

Would you wear a suit if you got the job? Or would you dress more or less like you do now? If it isn't a suit wearing job, then don't wear a suit to the interview. You always look good, I would go with pants and stylish closed toed shoes. And good luck!

Keetha said...

This sounds exciting! I'm with you - why not go for it, just TRY. Who knows?

Keep us posted! I'm sure you did super at the interview and impressed them a lot.

vek said...

I agree with Ti with the closed-toe shoes but I say go with the suit. Which stinks because now you have to completely conflicting opinions. But they say dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Tons of profs teach in jeans, I wore a suit to every interview. Cool short-sleeve underneath, jacket off, flats on and let the day begin.

Good luck!

My word verification "reses" is one "e" away from reeses. Even the universe is thwarting my diet.

Kelli said...

I think it's great to interview...even if it's not this job you get, you're making connections and networking...that's 1/2 the battle right there.

I vote closed toed shoes as well and I go with the suit pick too. If you do a suit w/ a skirt and a colorful top underneath, you can just take the suit blazer off, change your shoes and you'll look fine for the classroom. (I learned that trick long ago when trying to fake out current employees about whether I was interviewing elsewhere or not.)
Good luck, Li!

JaxMom said...

How did it go, and what did you wear? I agree that even if this guy does have the job, you are reinforcing to the powers that be that you are an awesome option and interested, if something similar comes up. AND you will get a clear idea of what kinds of questions they may be asking when that next opportunity comes along. P.s. I thought Kelli was right on about the wardrobe. I always think it shows an extra level of commitment/dedication/desire to dress to impress!