Sunday, May 09, 2010

Picture update

It's so much more fun to show what I've been up to rather than to here you go....

Easter Sunday:

(I mean, seriously, isn't she the cutest thing EVER?!?)

Cooking with Mommy: (turns out Aliza loves to bake and cook with me)
Playdate with her cousin (I got so many good pictures, but I'm limiting myself to two here):

Gardening/spreading mulch (she likes to dig in the dirt too):

Sleep over with her cousins:
And of course lots of her all time favorite activity- taking walks:


Dianna said...

Cute pics! You are a lucky Mom! :) Miss you all!

Mem said...

Look at what a "Little Girl" Aliza has become and She is such a beautiful little girl! xoxox

Keetha said...

How much fun! She is adorable. Happy Mother's Day!

Chrissy said...

I can't believe we became blogging friends before she was born! How stinking beautiful, she is :-) Hope you are doing well...

-Denver's Tumbling Leaf...Chrissy

Nonna said...

Love that grin! Warms you up & makes you smile.Adorable.
Love you
Oh,Love the pictures!

Kelli said...

My gosh, you have a pretty little daughter, Li! Happy Mother's Day!

Keetha said...

RE: gardening - my husband sprinkled red pepper around our vegetable plants to discourage neighborhood dogs and cats from digging them up. All the plants are still there!