Thursday, January 28, 2010

I might just need a storage unit

My dad has a drawer in his nightstand. It is a drawer where he has tucked away little bits and pieces of our childhood.....birthday cards we made him.....the hat with the ears hanging down the side that used to make him laugh every time I wore it.....letters from summer camp, mine tear stained and Mike's short and to the point......the programs from our college graduations.....little memories of our childhood.

I have already started my own collection.

I'm sure, at some point I will be able to throw away some of her many drawings and pieces of art work. But, for now, I can't. To me, each one is so precious, so special. Evidence of her growing abilities and proof that she is curious and creative and smart. I especially love the artwork I receive from daycare, where they let her experiment with things that I haven't yet tried at home. Things like glue and different texture fabric scraps.....There is a small pile accumulating on top of our fridge that I need to find a new home for, but, for now, it sits there, because I like taking them down and looking at them, marveling at the little girl my baby is becoming.

Then there is The Notebook. Every day that Aliza goes to daycare I fill out a sheet telling them any news or notes and the food I'm sending in with her and they return it to me with a little bit about her day. I've saved every single one. My binder is already growing too small, and clearly I need to either graduate to a larger one or find a spot to store the old notes. The notes, when I reread them are another journey Aliza is on in her little life. They start with comments like this: "Day #1 was a little tough for Aliza emotionally. She has taken to all of the teachers and did quietly observe the other children at play, which she did not do much of, but she did enjoy the purple rocker! Remember, it will get easier for ALL of you!"

To this in early September:
"Aliza had a wonderful day! She danced with me and clapped! She laughed with a full belly at all my silly dance moves. She is a pleasure to have with us!"

To this:
Aliza had such a smiley day! She seems to be crawling less and trying to walk independently more and more!

And this:
"Aliza had a ball outside today! She walked around singing "la, la, la" and pushing a fire truck. The wind was so strong at one point she almost got blown over! But she didn't mind! She keeps talking more every day!"
See why I can't throw the sheets away?

So not only is there art work accumulating, and a notebook overflowing with daycare notes, there are tons of other little things, that I am storing and saving. Like the banner from her first birthday party. Her hospital bracelets from when she was born, of course. Several little photo books from various holidays and events.....I even have paper that she's scribbled on and insisted she's writing her name!
I think it's time for a storage unit.....because a large trash bag is just not an option at this point.


JaxMom said...

It'll get easier, and harder. I had been hanging the true "art" from school on Jackson's wall with tape. Then at the end of the year, I bought a scrapbook that had sleeves that I could slide things in. Not all made the cut.

The moms were actually talking about this at preschool - one said she started making a big rubber made tub for each of her kids because her inlaws did for her husband.

I am sure you have more though, cuz Aliza is a girl and they are more creative. It is fun to look back. I DO miss the day care notes!

Kelli said...

My Mom likes to tell me that she and my Dad decided they were going to save every piece of paper I came home from school with, always.

They had to readjust their plans after a few years at preschool & then kindergarten.

They kept a lot though-my Mom has a big footlocker for both me & Stephen, filled with all sorts of things...from the hospital bracelets you mention to my first little bathing suit, to one of my favorite toys I got for my 1st birthday. And papers. Lots and lots of drawings and writings.

My Dad has a huge album he filled with my artwork and I love looking at it even now -- especially when he added a little note of his own explaining what I told him the drawing was, etc.

I think you'll be glad you stored this stuff away...and one day Miss Aliza will too.

MomS said...

I still have so much in our basement that I treasure.I loved everything. But I think that it's almost time to start to throw some things away. I should start with the report cards maybe? I'm saving the art work for a few more years.
We put our Christmas Art Work by/from Aliza in the family room where we look at it everyday!
Love MomS xoxo