Wednesday, December 02, 2009


In my classroom:

Me: (Circling four quarters that are on a paper.) "What does four quarters equal?"
Student: blank look....followed by, "$1.52."

Me: Blank look because I am now wondering where in the world this kid has been for the last three days when we discussed what four quarters equals. "Let's look at that again- what does two quarters equal?"
Student: "Fifty cents!"
Me: "Good! So, two quarters is fifty cents, what's two more quarters?"
Student: blank look AND total silence.
Me: "50 plus 50....."
Student: more blank looks.....more silence......still more silence......"$1.00?"
Me: (with a sigh of relief) "Yes!"

Next problem:
Me"OK, you already added the two dollar bills, so now you just have to add the coins. So, two dollars plus one dime."
Student: silence.
Me: not realizing student doesn't know answer, "write the answer there...."
Student: blank stare. Silence.
Me: (Mental groan.....) "two dollars, plus one dime.....what's a dime worth again?"
Student: "ten cents!"
Me: "Awesome, so two dollars plus one dime is......"
Student: silence. Blank stare. "$2.10?"
Me: "YES!!"

In contrast--I got home and had THIS interaction (with my 1 1/2 year old):

Me: (Drawing an A on a paper) "What's that?"
Aliza: "Aliza!"
Me: "Yes!" Drawing a M on the paper...."and what's that?"
Aliza: "Ma-ma!"
Me: "You are so smart!" Drawing a D on the paper..."what's this Aliza?"
Aliza: "Da-da!"
Me: picking her up and squeezing her, because, seriously, she's the cutest thing EVER and really, how could I now after she just showed me how brilliant she is?!?


Keetha said...

Ha! Spoken like a true mom!

Kelli said...

That little girl of yours is "wicked smahat" as we Bostonians would say. ;)

And, on another note, related to a comment you left me -- I SO wish you, me, and Beth could hang out and make jewelry, drink wine, and go to book club TOO. You should move to MA! (I know, I know...pipe dream.)

Nonna said...

Well she is Really smart! Lately she is like a sponge,absorbing everything.
Love that smile.