Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dropping like flies

A couple of days ago I heard quick running followed by the most awful of noises coming from upstairs. "What in the world is that?" I wondered.....I thought perhaps it was something Russ was listening to on the T.V. and returned to the work I was trying to complete. The noise stopped for a bit and then resumed, louder and worse than before. This time I decided to head upstairs to tell Russ to quiet down or he'd wake Aliza up.
I found him crouched on the floor, hunched over the toilet....doing the only thing you do when you are in that position. I don't think I've ever seen (or heard) Russ throwing up in all the years we've been together....hence my confusion over the noise. He has spent the last few days barely eating and sleeping a ton. I've tried to keep him far away from Aliza, fearing for her health as well.

This morning my mom arrived to pick up Aliza and told me she was also not feeling so great. I decided to take a half day so I could spend the afternoon with my daughter....trying to keep her healthy. If there's something better than only working a half day and then spending an afternoon with a smiley, chatty ten month old, then I don't know what it might be. She is in good spirits and seems to be enjoying her time with momma. I am hoping that she stays healthy, and that I don't catch whatever this nasty stomach bug is.

I figure even if she does get sick, at least she has a friend to comfort her:


JaxMom said...

aaawwww! I hope everyone feels better soon.

Tina said...

Umm... taking a whole day off and spending the afternoon with a smiley chatty daughter?

She has a lot more people to comfort her. Those germs have all ready passed through my house, so I'm clear for duty if necessary! I just hope it doesn't become necessary!

Nonna said...

She definitely has more people,but it's good to have a snuggly.
(I know nonna's are NOT supposed to get sick)I will be better Mon.

Jules said...

Did you and the little one manage to keep the germs away? I hope so! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Keetha said...

Poor Russ! I hope the little one stays well, too.

JaxMom said...

I hope you did not drop too!