Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three years ago....

Three years ago today I wore a white dress and said those two magical words that entwined my life forever with Russ'. Russ, in keeping with a tradition he began when we celebrated our first anniversary, documented our year together with a poem. Here it is:

Year Three:
Aliza Maria Sherman
Not long ago, on a day in September
We welcome hope to outshine our fear
A non-descript day flips to one we remember
Embracing the knowledge our child is near
On a day in May, with your hand in mine
Our prayers now answered by way of this gift
In this young girl I first see divine
Together, our future in our arms we lift
With father's eyes and her mother's kind heart
She begins her first chapter in our historical manse
Wrapped in blankets made with love from the start
A place where she will learn, love, and dance
But her life started far before this tale
On a day three years to this very date
When I pledge my life in every detail
Until the hour of my own life grows late
I don't think I could have said it any better....


JaxMom said...

So very sweet.

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Russ!

Mom S said...

I can barely see through my tears. So lovely!
We love all 3 of you...
Soooo very much!
Happy Anniversary