Thursday, June 19, 2008


There were a few things I forgot to mention in my last post--things I most definitely want to remember....
I forgot to mention what an amazing birthing coach my husband was. Despite the fact that everyone seemed more worried about him than me before this process began, he was better than I would have even hoped. Supportive and sweet and not in any way irritating, even in the midst of the worst of the pain. He was given specific instructions by me--repeatedly--that he could not do the big sighs that he is famous for, and true to his word, not a single sigh escaped his lips. He cheered me on, held my hand, didn't complain when I practically broke his fingers, fed me ice chips with a shaking hand and was, in general, the amazing man I know and love.

He also gave me not one, not two, but three presents. He had gotten one for each stage of labor, but I went through the stages so quickly that he only ended up giving me one of the gifts prior to birth and the other two after Aliza was already born. The first was this, then this, and finally, this. I know, WOW!

And finally, the last addendum--her name. Russ and I knew, all along, that we wanted a family name. We wanted, ideally, one name from each side of the family. And I knew that I wanted to name her after my Nonnie. Both of us being teachers, there were automatically some names that we would never ever use. So, we both threw names out, back and forth. I honestly don't remember how we came to Aliza--a name from his side of the family. Elizabeth, with a slight twist to make it unique. I do know that at first I thought he was spelling it with an E--Eliza. And it was over February vacation, sitting on a beach, that Russ clarified that he meant Aliza. Once he said that I was sold. We started calling her by her name from then on. And, no, we didn't have a back up. Although I fear that she has been relegated to a life of people spelling or saying her name incorrectly, as it has already happened numerous times. But, for now at least, she shares the same initials as her Mom, which I think is pretty darn cool.


nancypearlwannabe said...

LISA! Congratulations! She is too adorable. I'm so happy for you guys. You are going to have the best summer yet!

Beth said...

I love this post and I love my brother! You know how proud I am of you Lisa but I'm also so proud of him and hope his stellar performance as birth coach somehow influences my hopefully future (not too near future) birth coach. I'm not worried that Scott isn't going to be just never know if you'll be lucky enough to experience the miracle of birth.

And her name... I adore it and Love love love love love that it has a piece of my name in it. I also love that it's unique to her b/c she is so special.

I miss her, I miss you too!
Big hugs from Auntie Beth

Kelli said...

I love her name - and the fact that she has the same initials as her Mommy. :)
Russ sounds like he was a superstar during labor and go him for the Tiffany's gifts! I haven't been through labor myself but I imagine seeing the blue Tiffany's box helped ease the pain just a tiny bit...