Friday, February 15, 2008

Where has the week gone?!?

I started a post Tuesday....and suddenly it is Friday and the post isn't finished and, clearly, isn't published. (It's a good post too, I'm hanging on to it for later.) Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I love it when the weeks go fast, but man, this one FLEW. Today is our last day before our winter vacation....which means that in two days I'll be on a beach in Saint Lucia. You can go right ahead and be a little jealous, I would be too honestly. But keep in mind that this is probably going to be our last vacation for some time. (That doesn't make it much better, does it!?!? I'd say I'm sorry, but really, I'm so excited for beaches, bikinis and books that I'm not at all sorry.) I've been told by several people now that floating in the water with my pregnant belly will be awesome, so I'm looking forward to that too....

A few other random thoughts--
Yesterday, the PE teacher and the music teacher were debating whether I had a basketball or a volleyball for a belly. They agreed volleyball. Russ told me he disagreed and he thought beach ball. Thank goodness I love the man so much because he clearly still hasn't learned that he shouldn't say things like that to his pregnant wife.

Yesterday I got a collection of Valentine's from my students....most of which went right into the trash. (Despite what everyone tries to tell you, the baby does NOT need junk food!!! And I am NOT eating for two!!!) I must admit though, that it is rather fun to be working with third graders around holidays. They get SO excited about the littlest things, and they all left yesterday exclaiming over their bags of candy.

This morning I realized, for the first time, that I couldn't see my feet. I'm not really sure when that happened but it's a little surreal to look down and not see your legs or your feet or your toes.... I mean, I know they are all there obviously but I can't see them.

Yesterday we had a scientist visit our class and do some super fun chemical reaction experiments. (Because, yes, in third grade, we learn about physical and chemical reactions and the three states of matter. I feel like I didn't learn those things until at least middle school.) One of the experiments they did was to create this green gooey stuff. Guess how many of them had it all over their hands and clothes? I deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for the amount of patience I displayed yesterday. Even more so after every single one of my parents attending my Valentine's Day party told me that I looked exhausted and then proceeded to stand around and chat while I ran the whole party.....

I am 24 weeks today-which puts me squarely in my sixth month and also a few weeks away from the end of my second trimester. Again, where did the time go?!?

Somehow I got sucked into being videotaped using a Smart Board. I did three different lessons using it--two for Reading workshop and one for math. I initially thought this was just going to be shared with our Central Office staff, most of whom know me, if not by name, then by face, and (I think) respect me as a professional. Then, after I was bullied into it....errr, agreed, I learned that no, this wasn't for Central Office staff, but for the Board of Education. And the Board of Finance. And the Board of Selectman. Once I found that out, I was totally thrown and can honestly say that I have no idea what I said while being videotaped. Hopefully I sounded reasonable intelligent.

OK, that's it for now.....hopefully I'll finish that other post soon, although it may have to wait until AFTER Saint Lucia......(Sorry, I had to throw it out there one more time!)


Tina said...

You have definitely not reached beach ball status yet. But you will... or at least, you will feel like it.

You threw all their valentines away? How sad!

Kelli said...

I hope you are enjoying the warm waters and sunshine of St. Lucia as I type!