Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry haze....or the most astonishing amount of willpower ever to be endowed on a married couple

That's right....I, like so many of my fellow Potter fans, have been in a bit of a Harry haze these last few days.

But not because I'm reading the last book of the series. In fact, I haven't read one single page of the new book.

Yes, of course I own it....I know you are thinking (in a confused Neville Longbottom like way) "But wait, you own the latest book, you are on summer vacation so therefore you have loads and loads if time to sit on a cozy chair and read it and you aren't reading it!?! What's wrong with you?!?"

Well---see--it's this whole marriage thing. It's sort of preventing me from reading the latest book.

Let me explain: Russ and I have a long history with Harry. Our relationship can even be marked by the series. No lie. For those of you that don't know, we met online ( it was cool to do so) and the very first time I ever saw Russ, he was sitting in a cafe, reading the latest Harry Potter book that had just come out the day before. Many of our initial conversations revolved around the books....Fast forward two years and the next book came out on our wedding day. And much like Courtney Lanahan, we managed to procure two copies of the book to bring on our honeymoon where we read- and discussed- one chapter at a time while sitting on a gorgeous beach. (Although I certainly didn't go into a bookstore in my wedding dress. No, Russ went and bought the books for us. Although he was in his tux pants....) Our second anniversary approached and so did the final installment of the series.

So, now you know the history, I'll tell you the problem: I had thought to reread the whole series before reading the last book. Ambitious, I know. Russ had thought to reread Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before rereading the final book. After seeing the latest movie (twice), I changed my mind and decided we just needed to read the last book already. School is fast approaching (I don't want to talk about that) and once school starts, well....first of all I just know that all of my students will have read it (and most of my colleagues), and I'll be too busy with school work to read it. I argued my case--rather fervently I might add.
But to no avail. Russ held firm: he wants to read book six before moving on.
He did tell me I could read the last book without him but, clearly, what kind of wife would I be if I did that?!
Plus I'd have no one to talk to about it. (I realize that is a ridiculous statement since everyone seems to be reading the latest book but I mean, no one in my immediate vicinity to discuss the plot with.)

So....for now, I am plowing my way through the books, trying to finish them all before he finishes book 6. (Luckily for me he is a bit distracted with school work-he's taking a course this summer-and with his Wii.)
And the last Harry Potter book sits temptingly on our kitchen table, so that we can both eye it longingly several times a day....and so that I can wear down his resolve a bit....


Kelli said...

Your timing is so perfect with this post. I just got back from my lunch break...where I walked up to Borders (I like to go to my happy place) to return and book and I'm not kidding - walking through the park, passing street benches, and in line at Borders ALL I saw was people reading the new Harry Potter.
As you may recall, I borrowed the very 1st Harry Potter from you (which I hope you got back from your parent's house ages ago) and...shock, gasp, horror...haven't read any of them since. (I KNOW!) But, I did just add book 2 to my library, at this rate, I'll catch up to the rest of the world in oh, you know, ten years.

Kelli said...

I meant return a book. Not return AND book.


Well I hope you can crack it open soon! I read the first two books, but unfortnately, I didn't continue with the craze. I kind of wish that I still lived in Chicago because I'm sure I'd see people on the bus, subway, walking down Michigan Avenue, etc., reading it. Not that people in Denver don't read, but I drive everywhere in Colorado, so it's a different story! Oh, can you tell me where you found the blog rater? I'm so curious to see what mine is rated. And I knew exactly what Kelli meant the first time... :-)