Monday, March 12, 2007

Two worlds collide

That's right, I took the plunge....I created a blog for my students. I'm sure some of you are surprised by this seeing as how I don't post all that frequently on my blog, nor do I read nearly as many as I wish I could. But that's just it, see....I love my blog. I love reading other blogs. If I had more time then I'd definitely post more, and comment more, and search out more amazing blogs. But something always gets in the way... cleaning the house, planning a lesson, cooking dinner, correcting papers, calling a friend, paying know, life things. However, the first time blogging was mentioned at a meeting I was sitting at in school, I jumped. Blogging?!? Something fun and neat and totally new?? In my classroom?? Sign ME up!
And I did it too. This didn't become one of those hazy "yeah I really want to do that but we'll see if I get around to it eventually" things (which is what often happens after a professional development meeting). I actually did it. I created a blog for my students. And they are actually using it! More importantly, they seem to be enjoying using it! Yay for me!

Here's the problem: whenever you do anything that is cutting edge: someone comes along and wants you to share it. Suddenly you are The Expert and everyone should come and talk to YOU. Better yet, you should give a presentation in front of hundreds of other educators so they can see just how easy! fun! educational! advanced! it is. Not only are colleagues now asking me technical questions that I honestly don't have the answer to, but I've somehow been talked into doing a whole presentation on blogging and literacy at a conference in Cromwell. (Trust me, I did try to say no to this one. I know some of you don't believe me, knowing my penchant for agreeing with everything, but really really I tried to say no. Actually, when asked, my first response was, literally, "eek! I'm not ready for that!" But the woman was rather persistent and literally followed me around one Friday morning at breakfast and kept talking. And talking. And talking. Until I had to say yes just to get her to stop. Very effective tool I might add--the talking. But I DID say No. Sigh.) So, now of course the thought of presenting in front of goodness knows how many educators has me panicked (OK, OK, it's not until next November, but that means I really need to work out all the kinks with this class, so next year it's up and running smoothly by November) and thrown me into a bit of a tizzy. Suddenly I felt the need to clarify my educational objectives, identify my student goals, reconfigure my blog....suddenly, it feels a little bit more like work and a little bit less like fun. But at least it's still blogging, right?


Anonymous said...

That's our LISA!!! If anyone can do it...and make it FUN... you can.

Kelli said...

So, do we get to see this blog your kids set up?

Tina said...

Wow, Ms. Blog expert!
I would think you would be good at saying no, having all that practice with those kids. Then again, those kids probably do wear you down...