Sunday, January 14, 2007

You know....a tramp

C: Mrs. S. , what's a tramp?

Me: What? (Always a classic response!)

C: A tramp.

Me: Where did you hear that word? (Again, classic response, seeking more information.)

C: It's in my book A Wrinkle in Time.

Me: (Simultaneous thoughts: what in the world is a third grader doing reading that book? And, oh my god how do I explain to her mom that I had to come up with a definition for a tramp?!?) Can I see the book so I can see how the word is used please? (Still stalling, although at this point I'm thinking I know the answer to this question.)

C gets her book and brings it over, indicating the sentence to me. Something about a tramp stealing garbage from the library.

Me: (Phew!) Oh, a tramp! I launch into an explanation of the more benign meaning of the word and send her off so relieved to avoid a potentially difficult conversation that I completely forgot to talk to her about making good book choices.


Beth said...

HA! That sounds like something I'd ask my teacher...however, I was not reading A Wrinkle in Time in the third grade. Lisa, I'm so happy you're back to writing on the BLOG. I miss you tons and it's great to read about your day to day :)

katiealec said...

Thanks for you comment! I was a teacher, too, before my son was born - taught 6th grade for 6 years. Good times. Good times (and keep telling yourself that next time an angry parent comes into your room!).

Tina said...

Why isn't it a good book choice? Is it generally bad or is it just because it's for an older reader? It's been a while since I've read it- although probably not so far back as third grade!

Haha, I read the post and thought "Tramp, as in hobo, of course." Then I remember you told me this story already, so duh, I'm really not that smart.

NancyPearlWannabe said...

I actually never realized there was another definition of tramp (other than hobo) until two girls in high school got in a fight and were calling each other tramps. I ended up figuring it out pretty quick after that!

KTP said...

I have to second Tina's comment. What's wrong with A Wrinkle in Time for a third grader? Isn't that the target age for that book? I would say good for her, reading at that level. But I'm not a teacher...