Monday, December 18, 2006

Our tree!

So here it is....our second tree as a married couple and our first as homeowners. I'm not really sure why the picture is so crooked, except thatI was taking it while simultaneously trying to reach for the phone that had just started ringing and keep the camera's strap from getting in the picture.
It should be noted that I didn't take a picture of the bottom of the tree--that's because here it is, only seven days until Christmas (I have a chorus of third graders who count it down for me every day so I'm well aware of the number of shopping days left!) and we just started our shopping. As in this past Friday and Saturday. Considering our tardiness (where did the time go!?!?) we managed to get quite a bit done, and even better, managed to get some really lovely gifts that we are rather excited to give.
I should also say that because we have been so busy with life, Russ and I both weren't feeling the Christmas spirit. But there's something about listening to holiday music, decorating a tree and drinking hot cocoa laced with a candy cane that very quickly gets you in the spirit.....that and braving the holiday crowds to elbow your way through crowded stores while debating the merits of each individual gift you are buying!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your tree! It's beautiful!!!
I love visulizing you two sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas songs. What a wonderful first tree in your new "old" house. Merry christmas
Love ya' Mom S

Kelli said...

I love your tree too. I got a little misty eyed reading this (Could I ever NOT get misty eyed reading other people's posts?!Geez.) Anywho, it was just such a cute mental picture of you guys celebrating the holidays and starting your own little traditions as your own little family unit. I love it.
And I was very behind on a lot of my holiday shopping too until this weekend. So I feel your pain!