Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life, in a Nutshell

BareNaked Ladies, has a song titled Life, In a Nutshell. I'm not sure why this post, as it formulates in my head, makes me think of that song, but it does.
Awhile ago, Russ drove home with a brand new car. In the midst of driving around the block with him at 10:00 at night, it hit me, my god we've moved quickly. In three years we've met, gotten engaged, moved in together, gotten married, bought a house, and are now trying to start a family. As I write that, it sounds like a lot, but it all feels so natural. What amazes me is how each journey we take together is all so new. Meeting and getting married was so....big. Taking that step, knowing it was forever. It seems like everything else after that shouldn't feel as big as that moment (except for maybe giving birth). But somehow, looking for a new house, redoing a kitchen, buying a car....these all somehow feel like big moments too.
Sometimes I look at veteran colleagues and I wonder if they remember what it was like to be where we are now. Does it get any better than this? I can't imagine it does....how could it? But then I think about three years ago, when we met, and I thought that way then. And two years ago when we got engaged and I was convinced that was the best feeling....then a year ago when we got married I figured that was it, I was on top of the world and no way could it get better. And somehow it does.
I started this post, not really knowing where it was going, but determined to follow it to its end and here I am. Amazed, once again, at how life marches on and somehow gets better and better the older you get....


Kelli said...

Looks like a sweet car! Congrats!
I liked this post -- it made me happy reading about how happy you are!

Anonymous said...

No fair making me cry at work.

Russ got a car? Looks like a good choice!

Mom S said...

Life always gets better. Take for example* your wonderful baby--grows up, and one day says to you..."I've met the most beautiful girl and I think that I love her". That's really big! It gets even better...because you meet her and then YOU love her. They get married and tell you that they are going to start a family! WOW :o)