Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's been so long....

It's been so long since I've posted that I barely know where to begin. In an effort to organize some thoughts:
  1. School has begun again (hence the reason why I haven't posted in so long). Between a brand new year, being overcommitted (as usual), having two new teammates and a student teacher....well, lately I'm lucky if I make it home before 8 pm.
  2. Russ has been teaching this whole time at his old district. They held him to his contract for thirty days. Understandable since he did get his new job very late in the game.....but frustrating nonetheless. He has been handling it far better than I would have though. Monday he begins in the same district as I. I must admit I am beyond excited about this event and a little nervous. I can't help but wonder if he'll like it, if he'll be happy there....I hope so because I know I am so happy that he will be there with me.
  3. The anniversary of 9/11 has passed. I had a hard time watching the news that day and found, once again, that the best antidote to sorrow is to spend time with kids. Interestingly, or perhaps disturbing, my current students barely know about 9/11. They were three or four when it them, it will be something that they read about in a history book. For me? I remember everything about that day. How do you explain to a group of third graders what happened and why? What do you say when they ask you why people jumped? How do you make sense of the senseless and still try to protect them? Somehow, someway, I did it. I'm not sure I did the best job I could have but I sure tried to let them know that they, at least, were safe. That the world doesn't make sense, but that there are things they can count on. Like their teacher.

There is more to say....there always is, but at least this is a start. Hopefully I'll be blogging more regularly now that a schedule and routine are (somewhat) established......

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Kelli said...

I've missed your posts. It's nice to have you back. :-)