Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is it!

Today is The Day.
Today we are moving into our first HOUSE!

Excited? Just a little. (OK, A LOT!)
Nervous? Ehhh....not so much.
Exhausted from staying up all night frantically packing even when we ran out of boxes because there must be just one more basket or laundry basket or garbage bag that we could use to put stuff in.....definitely.

I will be sans internet for a little while (Comcast has some crazy rule that if you don't have cable at the residence then they are going to tack on ANOTHER fee to give you internet. It doesn't matter that you were a customer for years, or that there will already be a service technician visiting your house to set up the cable.....nope, another fee, so we are waiting until our cable is installed and active before we get internet.) But as soon as I get internet I will be sure to publish pictures (and stories!) about the big day.


Kelli said...

Good luck moving guys! I was thinking about you both this week --imagining the whirlwind packing extravaganza...
Sorry it's such a humid day for moving...but I have a feeling the fact that you're moving into your 1st house together as a married couple will make the heat a little more bearable! ;-)
Can't wait to hear all about the adventure.

The Muse said...

I am so excited for you!

Here is a house blessing from a Navajo House Blessing ceremony :)

This home, my home, shall be surrounded with love.

This fire shall be for the good of the family. And the children that
may be born in this home will all be in good health. Any plans we
make in this home will be for the good of the family.

May this be a good place for us to live again, may it be happy in this home;
may our lives be long and happy in this home.
May I live in this home happily and peacefully and with respect.
May I have a happy life in this house. Myself, my wife, my children, my relatives, whomever may come into this home, may they relax peacefully and rest up. May all of us have no sickness, no misfortunes.

May my house be in harmony; From my head, may it be happy;
To my feet, may it be happy; Where I lie, may it be happy;
All above me, may it be happy; All around me, may it be happy;
May my fire be well made and happy; May the sun, my mother's ancestor, be happy for this gift;
May it be happy as I walk around my house; May this road of light,
my mother's ancestor, be happy.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Lisa!

Can't wait to see all of the pictures.

Love ya. Mel

Andrea said...

Hey, thanks for your comment over on my site. Good luck with the move! The moving part sucks the worst, but after everything's put away and you can sit on the couch with a cold glass of Coke, it's all worth it.

KTP said...

Yay! Congrats! So if you don't have internet, you probably won't read this for a while, but I have a house blessing for you, too. It's a traditional Russian new home thing. Someone you know has to bring a bottle of vodka and a loaf of bread over. You then sprinkle salt into each corner of the house, then you do a shot of vodka and share the bread. It's supposed to bring good luck. So, Kelli, when you go there, remember the vodka.

Tina said...

Hey, when Kelli brings the Vodka, can I come too?

Kelli said...

Russ & Greg = working on the cabinets in the kitchen.
Mr. & Mrs. I = babysitting the girls.
Tina, Lisa, & Kelli = wandering around the new house doing shots of vodka every few minutes.

It sounds like trouble & I like the sound of it!
Tina, you bring the bread & the salt.

Tina said...

Sound good to me!