Saturday, May 13, 2006

What a Week! (or: Why I haven't posted in awhile)

This has been A Week...not a week. But A Week. Just to give you a snapshot of what's been happening in my life-here it is, a week in the life of a third grade teacher:

Monday: wait, what did I have Monday? Geez, that was so long ago I barely remember...wait... it's coming to me....oh yeah, meeting after school with the Superintendent and some Central Office staff followed by a short "emergency" meeting of the FEA Executive Board.

Tuesday: tutoring in the morning before school starts, an afternoon spent scoring writing prompts, followed by a meeting with my team, followed by a faculty meeting, followed by a meeting to review and revise the school handbook. I then drove to my Mom's house to pick up the supplies for my in school Mother's Day project. Then I finally got to go home.

Wednesday: meeting after school to discuss an upcoming bridal shower for a wedding I'm in. A meeting which lasted FOREVER.

Thursday: tutoring after school followed by a series of errands--to prepare for a baby shower I was partly responsible for that was happening on Friday and for my weekend activities.

Friday: baby shower in the morning (OK, OK, this was fun, but still something that took me away from getting work done). After school I drove to Cromwell for the CEA Representative Assembly. The assembly began at 7:30 and continued until 11. An overnight stay at the hotel and I was ready for...

Saturday: part two of the Representative Assembly. Starting at 9 and lasting until 3. (As an aside, I did win an award for a newsletter I created. Admittedly, it was just an honorable mention, but still, in the entire state of CT, a newsletter I created won an award. I still feel that is pretty cool. However, I didn't realize that this meant I'd have to sit AT the podium while all of the newsletter awards were presented. Directly behind the CEA President, Rosemary Coyle. With more than 500 delegates facing at me. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous.) Drove home, changed my clothes, relaxed for 15 minutes and then off to babysit my two lovely nieces.

Sunday: Mother's Day! Early morning church, brunch with my family, followed by a speedy rush through the grocery store, a mad scrub down of the apartment and a visit with my in-laws.

It is important to note that it has been raining all week long. This means little more than the inconvenience of carrying an umbrella for most of the world, but for a third grade teacher it means the dreaded INDOOR recess. Which means I have been dealing with a group of 19 third graders who are filled to bursting with energy with no where to put it. It's also important to note that our normally structured schedule was thrown off by several practices for the recording of a CD that our music teacher agreed to. Anyone who knows children knows that if you change their schedules and routines they are thrown off and go just a little bit crazy...Finally, also note that it's Spring. This is a good thing...for the most part. But it's also the season when traffic gets WAY worse. This means my morning and afternoon commute have lasted for a solid 45 minutes, and some days, closer to an hour. One day this week there was an awful accident on the Parkway so it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get to school.

In a nutshell: this week sucked. There were definitely highlights (seeing my two nieces Saturday night and my family--both sides of my family! Sunday) but overall, it was a week, and a weekend, where I barely stopped running long enough to catch my breath.

Looking ahead to next week it is more of the same: a meeting Monday before school and after, tutoring Tuesday morning and two meetings after school Tuesday, tutoring Wednesday after school and a potential meeting Thursday after school.
But Friday I'm free!

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Kelli said...

Goodness you are one busy woman! At least you have a light at the end of the tunnel with summer not too far away (& then we'll get to read how busy you are with your new house!)